Heirs, Executors, Trustees, Administrators and Conservators of a given estate, "We specialize in long distance real estate listings." We serve the entire Charlotte region marketing homes and land. Our service is focused & customized. Whether you’re looking for assistance as a family member or one who has been assigned by the court, you have come to the right place to sell property.  We have combined experience of 17 years in NC & SC real estate.  We work to understand your specific needs then utilize our proven experience to provide an outstanding experience for you by identifying and solving your real estate concerns.  If you find yourself in need of our assistance with probate, conservatorship, trust or a long distance listing....anything real estate, we are skilled and want to support you and help you meet your goals!  We want to help you protect your financial interest and can even assist with pre-inheritance funding!  Part of a National/International Network. Open always. Call 704.780.0654 now!


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